Monday, October 17, 2011

Blue Monday

Here are some of my first attempts at making sun prints using cyanotype papers. They're really fun and easy to use - I found mine at Dick Blick. I built a little pinhole camera that I tried out on a really overcast day and had poor results. I'm going to take it out on a really sunny day and see what happens.

Aerials are going well. Jim came to watch yesterday and he took a few photos and videos, none of which turned out very well, because we didn't really do anything very interesting and Jim's camera doesn't retain quality when zoomed in. Anyway here's a really terrible picture just because I mentioned it:

Also - I was interviewed by the media working group at Occupy Philly. Disclaimer: I SWEAR TO GOD I don't usually look so tired and awful - this was done right after the march pictured in my last post. Watch it here.


  1. girl, update more! i miss reading about you and looking at your fab photos ♥

  2. I will! I promise. I've been really busy - just moved. Will have some more film posts here soon. Thanks so much for the comment! Good to hear from you. I'm in love with your blog, by the way.


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