Friday, February 24, 2012

Four years of my life in Photobooth: January 2008 - February 2012

January 2008 in my first studio apartment.

My friend Jeff (who I dearly miss - he just moved to Angola) and myself.

Lindsey eating toast shooting Edward with a handgun.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Happiness to me comes in the form of a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling of our loft. Jim is wonderful. He got the lyra for me for Christmas and it took a lot of emailing the amazing Trevor of to figure out how to rig it properly, but we finally got it worked out. It came untaped, so I taped it black because I don't really like the way they look taped white. I may add some red stripes later...Not sure. I've had a projector for a long time, but was missing the necessary cords so Jim and I remedied that the other day and have been watching things like Willow and Lord of the Rings in our own personal movie theatre ever since. The top two photos are a little experiment Jim and I did last night... You can expect a lot more projector shots to come! So much fun.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last Saturday I met with Layne to take some photographs. We ventured down into the abandoned basement of a building at my alma-matter, the University of the Arts. It's an old YMCA building and for years it's been left to deteriorate and crumble underneath classrooms and galleries. There are very few lights to navigate by, and we had to bump around in the dark until we came upon the occasional window. There's a pool and locker rooms down there all painted in bright colors left over from the 80's. It's really very large and confusing and we struggled to find our way around in the dark. Pipes rattled and strange noises came from every direction, which was pretty frightening at first, but you soon get used to the sounds of an old rotting place. Layne was a fantastic model to work with and I'm definitely looking forward to working with her again. I think she looks a bit like Faye Dunaway, don't you?

All these items will show up in my shop soon, by the way, so keep your eyes on it!
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