Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Too Many Projects.

I have a really bad habit of having way too many projects going on at once. Pictured above is one of many I have going at the moment. This problem is contributing to my other problem of not posting as often as I wanted to. My solution? I will just start documenting my little projects to post on my blog! Trust me... This is nothing like a D.I.Y. post. To be perfectly honest that format isn't for me...I'm not really the 'instructions' type.  So, I'll just show you some pictures and tell you I'm sewing sequins on a sparkly vest I bought at the thrift store near my house. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

In other more general news.. Things have been going really well for me lately. I got another gig teaching someone photography/photoshop stuff, which is really a challenging and fun thing to do for work. I'm really loving working with all these different people, and working for myself. Making a living outside the confines of a standard nine to five job feels really damn good. I am looking forward to this weekend because I'll be doing an aerials workshop. Super excited about that. Sooo happy. I love you summer... Won't it stay July forever?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things I Like: The Traveling Circus

I'm going to start making a weekly "Things I Like" post featuring cool stuff that I'm interested in. Since  I love anything that has to do with the circus... I figure this will be a good place to start.  I love it so much I've even taught myself how to juggle and ride a unicycle. (Still working on doing both at the same time. Hehe.) Although, what I would really love to do is aerial acrobatics. There are a few places you can take aerial silks classes here in the city and I'm looking into starting soon - I'm excited. Also- There are some really good books out there of old circus imagery from the 20's - 30's. Step Right This Way: The Photographs of Edward J Kelty  is definitely worth checking out. Personally, I can  look through old photographs for hours.

* If any of these photographs are yours please let me know! I've forgotten the sources.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our House: The Bedroom.

View from our bed. 

The shelf.

The hanging garden under the skylight.
The stairs are a little treacherous in trinity homes.
The skylight and the planter for herbs I made out of a shoe organizer. 
Clockwise from top left: Tomato, sunflowers, cucumbers, and another tomato.

I've decided to share some photographs of our house, because I've noticed online there is very little to offer on the subject of Philadelphia's trinity homes. These houses were built between 1790 and 1840, and most of them are in Philadelphia. They are really very unique, and I love the one we live in. Usually they are very small three story houses with each floor being only one room. The kitchen is always in the basement, and the spiral staircases are always tiny and treacherous! (There are also fireplaces in every room - very nice in the winter time.)  It's like living in a hobbit home, really. The photos above are from our bedroom, which is the third floor. I went on a painting spree recently, because I had a few days off from work before Jim and I went on our trip. Our landlord gave us a painting allowance when we moved in and he never specified a colour - so of course we chose a very exciting yellow for the bedroom. After doing all the painting I'm kind of sad we'll be moving within the year to Taiwan.. In the past five years I've moved a total of eight times (yikes.) It gets old quick! Anyway, I'll eventually photograph the whole house and post one room at a time. 

Me and You

So, Jim and I decided to celebrate, because yesterday marked the day that we have been together for two years. We went to eat at the restaurant where Jim works. (It's called Zahav - The chef recently won the James Beard award.) If you like obnoxious pictures of food I tweeted about it. Anyway, the photos above were taken exactly two years apart. I think it's funny that now I have more hair and Jim has less. Haha. 

*Top image ©MoMoPhoto

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Over the hills and far away.

Over the fourth of July Jim and I were both able to take a week off from work (in Jim's case work and school) to spend a day at the beach and pay my hometown a visit. We got to hang out with my dad a lot, take walks in the woods, and laze around on a boat for a week. It was a much needed escape from the city. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

New items in the shop.

Tortoise Shell Serengeti Drivers Sunglasses

70's Summer Purse

60's Floral Pouch

These are just two of several items that I've recently added to our shop. Use the code "SUMMER" at check out to receive 10% off.

A proper Introduction.


For those of you who don't know me.. My name is Taylor. You may have seen me elsewhere on the internet, I have a tumblr and a flickr where I post my film photography. I'm starting this blog, because I want a place where I can post/write about a variety of things. Don't get me wrong.. This blog will definitely include my film work, but there will be other great things like items from my shop, and things that interest me. This way I will be able to update more regularly and provide a more interesting array of subject matter. I hope you will join me on my blog adventure! I am looking forward to working on this projects in the days and weeks (months? years?!) to come. 
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To fare on - fusing the self that wakes... and the self that dreams.