Friday, February 24, 2012

Four years of my life in Photobooth: January 2008 - February 2012

January 2008 in my first studio apartment.

My friend Jeff (who I dearly miss - he just moved to Angola) and myself.

Lindsey eating toast shooting Edward with a handgun.

Lindsey, Edward, and my arm.

Abby and Jenna come for a visit.


Lindsey and myself in an afro wig.

Edward wearing a paper mache mask we made and myself.


Me in May 2008.

Edward and I drinking coffee.

I fall down a lot. 

Me. This is summertime. I lived with Lindsey briefly .My hair was falling out and I found out I have Celiac disease.

My mom took me to Virginia to cheer me up.

I move to a new apartment and I decided to cut all my hair off since it wanted to fall out anyway.

Lindsey again.

My hair starts growing back. I wish I still had those glasses.

Evidence of my T. Rex obsession.

Bedhead me and Ludwig looking very adolescent. 

Edward, Eloise, and myself.

Abby and Jenna visit again.

This is when I start seeing Jim.

I move again.

I loved the walls in my bedroom.

I lived with my brother.

I had eight windows to let in beautiful light.

A giant hand.

I can't find these glasses anywhere now.

My macbook pro dies and I get an Imac. This is just after I graduated from college.


I was a witch Halloween 2010.

This is when Jim and I first moved in together. We were living with TJ.

We moved again a few months later to a little hobbit house down a tiny alley in an old part of the city.

This was our 2nd anniversary. 

Summertime 2011.

Fall 2011

We move to our current loft apartment which is awesome. Here I am with gluten free waffles. Very exciting.

My favorite dress I wear all the time.


Bruises from aerials.

New Years Eve. Now it's 2012.

My latest photobooth image is actually a video of me doing some (very tired) lyra stuff. I'll make a better video to post later, but there go!
A lot has changed in the past four years.. Friends, boyfriends, hair growing, changing apartments all movement forward documented in silly pictures I hope to never lose. I guess that's why I've always loved photography.. What else can give you the evidence of your past so clearly? I don't know if you counted, but in these pictures I've lived in seven different places in the past four years. I'm tired of moving around now. I want to travel, but I want to put down roots somewhere...Somewhere beautiful with a lot of trees and the best light from the sun. That's my present. That's what I'm looking for now. Tomorrow I leave on a week long trip to the Domincan Republic with my father and my brother, which I have been looking forward to for some time. I promise to come back with a lot of pictures. I'll see you then!


  1. Just found your blog whilst searching for E.J. Kelty photos.. had a look round and I like! That video is awesome, I wish I had one of those hoops!
    Also, I totally agree - I got my macbook a few years ago and have over 700 photobooth photos that I just backed up (twice!) cos they're so important to me.

    1. Thanks! I had a look around your blog and I like your photography :) The lyra is super fun for sure! Glad you like the video.

      I would die if I lost my photobooth pictures! I, too, have several hundred on a hardrive, haha :)


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