Monday, July 2, 2012

June through Instagram.

Experimenting with photobooth. Want to do a film serious like this. 

I took Louisa and Sabrina to Franklin Park. I love the carousel there.


Me & Ludwig.

A cloud.

Practicing my back balance. I can hold it forever now!

Went to a fun pool party with my friend Nick.


Dani and our moms came for a visit. We had coffee in Rittenhouse.

I got these shoes, because I can't resist anything sparkly. They're almost like walking on stilts, almost.

Dani and I danced our bums off at Silk City.

Then I went to Blanchard for a visit.

Met some cool butterflies.

Got a new bicycle. She's beautiful & fast!

Hung out poolside at my aunt & uncle's place.

Got lots of practice rolling joints, because I forgot my pipe.

Can I live here, please? I could set up so much awesome aerial equipment in that barn..

Hung out on my mom's boat.

It was a glorious day. I swam away most of it.

Mermaid me. 

Awesome things: 1. I ordered myself some silks & they will be here very soon! I got them in this lovely shade of plum which will look fantastic in our loft. 2. My aerial classes are on Tuesday evening now, which means I can go to open practices over the weekend, which means a hell of a lot more training time (like 7 or 8 hours a week), which means I'm going to start making some serious progress.  3. Jim has weekends off now so we will have those days to spend together and do fun things. We already have lots of weekend trips planned. 4. I'm running again, which always makes me super happy & energetic. 

Blog things: In an effort to post more regularly, I've decided that I'm going to shoot & blog one roll of film per week. I'm going to use disposable cameras because they're so easy to carry around. I'm also debating changing my "Things I like" posts to more of a "Things that inspire Me" kind of thing. Any feedback on what you would like to see on my blog would be much appreciated, assuming anyone still  reads it, haha!

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