Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things I Like: Greek Mythology - The Story of Psyche & Eros

There were once three sisters who were unusually lovely, and the loveliest of the them was named Psyche. Word of the sisters spread and finally came to the attention of Aphrodite. When Aphrodite heard of the strange beauty of Psyche she became so jealous she had to do something about the mortal girl whose fairness rivaled her own. So, she sent her son, Eros, the god of love to put a spell on her.

Eros, carrying two vials of potions, flew in through Psyche's bedroom window as she slept. He poured one of the vials over her. This potion would bring a curse that no man would ever marry her. As he bent over one of his arrows (which were magic and made you fall in love instantly) fell out of his quiver and pricked Psyche in the arm. She was startled and woke up. When Eros saw her face he was equally startled and accidentally pricked himself as well. Looking at her in the dim light he felt guilty and poured the other vial over her before leaving through the window. This potion would bring her joy...

After that she was unable to find a husband, and her parents became worried. She went out for a walk one day to clear her head and a gentle breeze guided her to the top of a mountain. She made a home there, a beautiful one, all for herself. One night as she lay awake in bed someone came through her window. They made love and he was gentle and kind, but would not allow her to see him. He came to her every night never letting her see his face. Psyche was very happy even if she could not see him. He told her one night, "I am sorry. You have to trust me. You cannot see me." But her sisters came to visit and they became jealous. They told Psyche that he was a monster and that was why he would not allow her to see him. They told her to take a look that night. Foolishly, Psyche listened to her sisters and hid a candle and a match under her pillow. When her lover fell asleep she lit the candle and looked over to realize it had been Eros all along. Some wax from the candle dripped onto his arm and he woke up. Seeing that Psyche had betrayed him, he once again left through the window.

Stricken with greif at the loss of Eros, she sought out Aphrodite. She thought the one person who could help her would be his mother, the source of all her misery. She was wrong, Aphrodite was awful and even sent her to Hades to seek out Persephone. Finally, Eros decided to intervene. He went to Zeus and told him his story. Zeus was so moved he summoned Psyche and they all drank ambrosia, the drink of immortality. It was then that Psyche became the goddess of the soul. Later that night they were married, and soon they would have a daughter. Hedone was the daughter of love and the soul, she was the goddess of bliss, rapture, joy. 

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  1. I love mythology too. This story is so beautiful.


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