Saturday, January 7, 2012

The sun, it rose up from the belly of sea, found its bedding up in those clouds, it hung for years.

Today was like spring. I walked around for hours and felt free and light without a heavy coat on. The sun was nice and he's slowly beginning to stay longer growing the days little by little.  Our apartment is bright and open - I wake up happy in the morning. We turn on music and dance around while making breakfast. Ludwig follows me around everywhere I go. (He's sleeping in my lap now making little snoring sounds.) I'm inspired and motivated, looking forward, dreaming and planning. Anything is possible, if you want it enough.


  1. That first photo is beautiful!

  2. And again your pictures are awesome!
    I really enjoy visit your blog to see your beautiful photo's.

  3. Thank you both, ladies! Much appreciated :)


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To fare on - fusing the self that wakes... and the self that dreams.