Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm like a beggar in the sand with the sky in my hand.

Just some random photos I took but didn't ever use for anything. The photo lab I usually go to is waiting for equipment repairs, and I suspect they'll probably just scrap film processing in favor of going strictly digital. Sad, sad. This is why there hasn't been new film images from me on the internets lately. My apologies. I've found a new lab I'm going to use from now on, so I should have some new work on here Tuesdayish.

This week has been really nice. I have been working outside all day in various Philadelphia parks, which has been absolutely lovely. I get to do fun things like ride carousels and eat ice cream with little kids. I've also been sticking to a pretty strict regimen of exercise so as not to be terribly slow when I start doing aerial acrobatics regularly. Yoga three times a week and a two mile run four times a week on top of the regular strength work out I do has got me feeling really good. Oh, and the aerial workshop I mentioned in my last post was phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. I'm starting regular classes in a couple of weeks and I'm ridiculously excited. 

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